It was 10th Rajab,195 A.H when Almighty Allah bestowed such a son to Imam Reza(a.s) whom he had appointed as inheritor o all his virtues and successor of his position. At that time approximately 47 years o age had passed and people were somewhat doubting his Imamate as he had no son. Sometimes they used to ridicule him that God has made him issueless. So much that a person wrote a letter to him that since he was childless, his Imamate was doubtful. He replied: Very soon Almighty Allah will give me a son, who would be my successor and discriminator between truth and falsehood.

Imam Muhammad Taqi(a.s) was martyred on the last day of Zilqad,220 A.H at that time he was 25years old.The period of his succession after his father was twenty five years of age. His mother was a slave wife called Sabika,she was a Nubian. The Kuniyyat of Imam(a.s) is Abu Jafar al-Saani

Quick facts:

  • Name:  Muhammad bin Ali(a.s)
  • Father’s name: Ali al-Reza bin Moosa(a.s)
  • Mother’s name: Janabe Sabika(a.k.a Khayzran and Durrah)
  • Date of Birth: 10th Rajab , 195 A.H.
  • Place of Birth: Madinah Munawwarah(present Saudi Arabia)
  • Kunniyat: Abu Jafar al-Saani
  • Titles: Jawad, Taqi
  • Life span: 25 years
  • Martydom: Last day of Zilqad, 220 A.H.
  • Cause of death: Poisoned by his(a.s) wife Ummul Fazl on the command of Mo’tasim Billa(accursed)
  • Buried at: Kazmain(present Iraq)

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