Imam Ali al-Hadi (a.s) whose name is like his grandfather’s; Ameerul Mo’mineen (a.s), the pioneer of wisdom and social justice in the earth. Imam al-Hadi (a.s) was like his grandfather in asceticism and in giving his back to the material pleasures. It was never mentioned that he had followed any fancy or submitted to any desire that was away from the truth. He had preferred the obedience of Allah to everything else. He was so fond of his Lord that he spent his nights worshipping, supplicating, and invoking Allah the Almighty.

His faith in Allah reacted inside his deep and essence until it was one of his most prominent qualities and constituents. Many exalted supplications, wise invocations, and wonderful maxims in monotheism were related from him showing that he was one of the first leaders who raised the torch of guidance and faith in the earth.


The life of Imam Al-Hadi(pbuh) Study and Analysis by Baqir Shareef al-Qurashi ,pg13

       Quick Facts

  • Name : Ali ibne Mohammad(pbut)
  • Father’s Name: Mohammad ibne Ali(pbut)
  • Mother’s Name: Samaana
  • Date of birth:15th Zilhajj 212A.H
  • Place of birth: Madinah Munawarrah(at Surya)
  • Kuniyyat: Abul Hasan
  • Titles: Naseh, Murtaza, Ameen,Naqi,Hadi
  • Life span : 42years
  • Martyrdom: 3rd Rajab 254A.H
  • Cause of Martyrdom: Poisoned by Moa’taz Abbasi(accursed)
  • Buried : Saamarra(present Iraq)



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