Wise Sayings by Imam Mohammad Taqi(a.s)[Part-1]

  • “Reliance on Almighty Allah is the cost of every costly thing and a means of every loftiness.”¹

The matter of the fact is that there is no greater wealth than reliance on God and contentment of human soul. Every wealth is going to be destroyed but this wealth is never going to be destroyed and it is the result of absence of reliance on God in the present age that rulers as well as subjects are all seen to be confused.

  •  “The respect of a believer lies in needlessness from people.”¹

If a man bears hunger, his honour remains intact, but if he asks the help of others, his respect is destroyed although he may get to eat expensive foods.

  • “Do not become apparent friend and inward enemy of Almighty Allah.”¹

In the present age majority of Muslims are as such only; that although they have apparently become friends of God; they are His enemies from the aspect of their character and deeds and they commit all the evils that enemies of Islam are committing. In such circumstances what is the use of the claim of love.

  • “One who obtained a friend in the way of Allah; it is as if he has obtained a house in Paradise.”¹

It is not difficult to make friends for worldly matter and for vain pastimes, but it is very difficult to make a friend tread the path of God and to serve religion of God. The best way to gain Paradise is to increase brothers in faith and include people in that brotherhood.

  • “How can be destroyed one for whom the Almighty Allah is responsible? And how can he escape, one who is wanted by Allah? One, who would take up someone other that Allah, Allah would leave him to that only. And one who acts without knowledge; his corruption would be greater than his reform.”²

All four statements of this tradition are worth contemplation. If man reposes his trust in God, there can be no question of his destruction as Almighty Allah is responsible for him and if one becomes certain that he cannot escape God, his character would automatically improve. The greatest peril in leaving God and going to someone else is that if God abandons a man, no one can do any good to him, and there are more chances of corruption in acting without knowledge. And if man is ignorant of Islamic laws he may teach others wrongly and instead of prohibitions, he may even prevent them from obligatory acts.


¹ Ahsanul Maqal,vol.2,pg.212

² Ahsanul Maqal,vol.2,pg.213



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