Knowledge of the Unseen

It is known that like the other Imams(a.s), Imam Askari(a.s) possessed Ilm al-Ghayb i.e. Knowledge of the Unseen  and helped the people who came to him. Due to the Knowledge of the Unseen , he would answer to some of their queries and problems before even them asking about it.

  • Mulla Jami writes that a man intended to meet Imam Hasan
    Askari (a.s) with his father and wanted to take 800 dirhams
    on loan from the Imam. By chance, the Imam passed that
    way, but these two did not know the Imam. The Imam
    himself approached them and gave 800 dirhams. They were
    amazed how he came to know about what was in their
  • A man who was condemned to prison requested the Imam
    to pray for his release and felt ashamed to mention his
    poverty. Imam (a.s) prayed for his release and said: As for
    that which you have not mentioned, I will soon send you a
    hundred dinars.2
  • A person wrote a letter to him and asked about the meaning
    of ‘Mishkat’ and also requested him to pray that he may get
    a male child. He replied that it denotes the heart of Holy
    Prophet (s.a.w.a) and may Almighty Allah give you
    patience and give you better in exchange. Thus that boy was stillborn; after that Almighty Allah gave him another son.3
  • Hasan Ibne Zareef asked about the time of reappearance of
    the Imam of the time; he said it depends on divine exigency
    and you did not ask about fever; its cure is that you write:
    O fire be cool and safe, and hang it in your neck; the fever
    would be cured.4


1 Shawahidun Nubuwwah, Pg. 211
2 Shawahidun Nubuwwah, Pg. 211
3 Shawahidun Nubuwwah, Pg. 211
4 Allamah Irbili (r.a.) has mentioned this incident..



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