Incident of the Lion Carpet

An  Indian  magician  came  to  the  court  of  Mutawakkil  and astonished  the  audience  through  his  tricks.  Mutawakkil thought  it  would  be  a  good  idea  to  degrade  Imam  Ali  Naqi (a.s.) through him. So he summoned the Imam and made the  magician  sit  besides  the  Imam  as  he  had  requested. After  some  time,  dinner  was  served.  As  soon  as  the  Imam wanted  to  take  up  the  loaf  of  bread,  he  made  it  fly  away. Imam  (a.s.)  remained  patient  and  the  courtiers  started laughing  and  the  same  thing  was  repeated.  So  much  so  that after  three  chances,  Imam  (a.s.)  gestured  to  the  lion  of  the carpet  and  he  became  alive  and  devoured  the  magician. There  was  chaos  in  the  court  and  Mutawakkil  became senseless;  he  asked  Imam  (a.s.)  to  return  the  magician  from the  lion  of  the  carpet.  Imam  (a.s.)  asked:  Had  the  staff  of Musa  returned the  magicians?  Saying  this  he  left  the  court.

Shawahidun Nubuwwah, Pg. 209;  

Damatus  Sakiba,  Vol. 3, Pg, 145 


 Imam (a.s) was able to do this because this is the Wilayat(Mastership) given by Allah the Almighty(s.w.t) to Imams of Aale Mohammad(a.s).
They have an authority over the  whole creation/mankind.
Therefore we can quote here the narration from Imam Mohammad al-Baqir(a.s)
“Our Wilayat is the Wilayat of Almighty Allah and no Prophet was sent except for it”

Reference : Basair ad-darajaat, pg.75


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