Abdul Azeem ibn Abdullah

Abdul  Azeem  Ibne  Abdullah  Ibne  Ali  Ibne Hasan  Ibne  Zaid  Ibne  Hasan  Ibne  Ali  Ibne  Abi Talib  is  included  among  the  senior-most  scholars  of traditions,  prominent  learned  men  of  his  time  and  the  pious persons  of  Islam.  He  was  a  companion  of  Imam  Hadi  and Imam  Jawad  (a.s.).  He  is  the  narrator  of  numerous  traditional reports.  Of  is  distinctions  is  the  fact  that  he  got  all  his  beliefs approved  from  Imam  Ali  Naqi  (a.s.):  Monotheism,  nonattribution  of  corporeality,  creator  of  whole  universe;  finality of  prophethood  of  the  Prophet  of  Islam;  permanence  of  Shariah of  seal  of  the  prophets,  Imamate  of  Holy  Imams  (a.s.),  Imam Ali  (a.s.),  Hasan,  Husain,  Ali  Ibnul  Husain,  Muhammad  Ibne Ali,  Ja’far  Ibne  Muhammad,  Musa  Ibne  Ja’far,  Ali  Ibne  Musa, Muhammad  Ibne  Ali,  Ali  Ibne  Muhammad.  When  Abdul Azeem  stopped  here,  Imam  (a.s.)  said:  After  me,  my  son, Hasan Askari  (a.s.)  and  after  him  his  son, the  last  Hujjat, whose name  cannot  be  pronounced  before  reappearance;  he  would  go into  occultation  and  in  the  end  he  would  reappear  and  fill  up the  earth with justice  and  equity. After that His Eminence, Abdul Azeem mentioned that Meraj, questioning of the grave, Paradise, Hell, Siraat Bridge, Mizan and Qiyamat were all true and after beliefs, he mentioned practical acts like: prayers, Zakat, fast, Hajj, Jihad, Amr bil Maroof and Nahy Anil Munkar. Imam (a.s.) said: Indeed this is the religion that Almighty Allah has chosen for His servants.


Ahsanul Maqal,vol.2 pg281


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