Ibne Sikkit

Ibne Sikkit Ibne Yaqub Ibne Ishaq Ahwazi was among special companions of Imam Hadi and Imam Jawad (a.s.) and was an expert of literature and grammar. So much so that Mutawakkil appointed him as tutor of his sons. One day the tyrant asked: Who are superior, my sons or Hasan and Husain? In reply, initially Ibne Sikkit mentioned the excellence of Hasan and Husain and then said: Their slave, Qambar is also better than you and your sons. Mutawakkil punished him by having his tongue pulled out from behind his head and had him beaten so severely that he passed away. Since he was mostly silent, he was referred to as Ibne Sikkit (silent).

Reference:  Ahsanul Maqal,vol.2 pg282

Here it is important to notice that Ibne Sikkit was not quiet on the question asked by Mutawakkil. He replied Mutawakkil boldly and did not even think about the consequences. This shows that we should always stand by the side of Ahlulbayt (as) in whatever situation we our in.


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