Wise Sayings-Part 1

•”Do not indulge in vain arguments as you would lose respect and do not be too humorous as people would become bold enough to talk to you.”

It is strange psychological point seen in our daily lives that one who cracks too many jokes, his respect is lost and everyone become bold enough to rebut him and same is the condition of one who disputes much; as his elegance goes away and he becomes valueless in view of people.

• ”Humility is also that you greet anyone you come across and if you enter a gathering, you should take seat at the most unnoticeable place.”

It is an important point through which arrogance and pride can be cured and if man becomes inclined to the reform of his self, and wants to change his conditions, he does not have a better choice.

•” The most careful person is one who stops at doubtful places and the most pious is one who observes all obligations. And the most religious is one who abstains from all prohibited things and the most severe struggler is one who leaves all sinful acts.”

•” A fool’s heart is in his tongue and the tongue of the wise is in his heart.”

It means that a fool speaks before thinking, in this way the tongue comes before his heart and the one who is wise, first he thinks and then opens his tongue thus his tongue also inhabits the heart.


Ahsanul Maqal, Vol. 2, Pg. 302


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