Wise Sayings-Part2

  • ”The sustenance that is guaranteed should not stop you from the act which is made obligatory on you.”¹  The greatest weakness of man is that becomes ignorant of his duties, which he should fulfill and spends all the time in struggling for his sustenance, which is guaranteed by God.


  • ”One who advised his brother in faith in isolation, reformed him and one who advised him before others, made him defective.”²Rendering good advice is a very nice thing, but its method and consequences should be kept in view; it should not expose ones faults to the public and this way instead of reformation he is degraded in public.
  • ”One, who becomes attached to God, feels scared of the company of the people.”²    The greatest weakness of man is that he becomes so attached to other human beings that he is fearful of standing on the prayer mat in the court of God. And he feels scared of the recitation of God’s discourse instead of speaking of God. Imam Hasan Askari (a.s) said that instead of becoming attached to people and feeling afraid of God, you should become attached to God so that you become aloof from those who have no relation to God. And whose remembrance makes you oblivious of the remembrance of God. If you want attachment, you should be attached to those who themselves remember God and attachment to them is the best means of remembrance of God.


¹Ahsanul Maqal, Vol. 2, Pg. 302

²Ahsanul Maqal, Vol. 2, Pg. 303


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