Abu  Hashim Ja’far  Dawood

Abu  Hashim Ja’far  Dawood  Ibne  Qasim  Ibne Ishaq  Ibne  Abdullah  Ibne  Ja’far  Ibne  Abi  Talib was  present  from  the  time  of  Imam  Reza  (a.s.)  to  Imam Zamana  (a.s.)  and  was  also  the  representative  of  Imam  Zamana (a.s.).  He  was  an  extremely  pious  and  religious  person.  He passed away  in 261 A.H.  and was  buried in  Baghdad….

Ibne Sikkit

Ibne Sikkit Ibne Yaqub Ibne Ishaq Ahwazi was among special companions of Imam Hadi and Imam Jawad (a.s.) and was an expert of literature and grammar. So much so that Mutawakkil appointed him as tutor of his sons. One day the tyrant asked: Who are superior, my sons or Hasan and Husain? In reply, initially Ibne…

Ali Ibne Ja’far Haminawi

Ali Ibne Ja’far Haminawi was a resident of Baghdad suburbs and was the representative of Imam Hadi (a.s.). When Mutawakkil learnt of this he threw him into prison and issued orders for his execution. He requested the Imam to pray for him and when Imam prayed, Mutawakkil fell suddenly ill and as ransom released all prisoners….

Abdul Azeem ibn Abdullah

Abdul  Azeem  Ibne  Abdullah  Ibne  Ali  Ibne Hasan  Ibne  Zaid  Ibne  Hasan  Ibne  Ali  Ibne  Abi Talib  is  included  among  the  senior-most  scholars  of traditions,  prominent  learned  men  of  his  time  and  the  pious persons  of  Islam.  He  was  a  companion  of  Imam  Hadi  and Imam  Jawad  (a.s.).  He  is  the  narrator  of  numerous  traditional…


Khairan,  servant  of  Imam  Ali  Reza  (a.s.) He  also  had  got  the  honor  of  seeing  three  Imams  and  was among  their  confidants.  Imam  Hadi  (a.s.)  has  appointed  him  as his representative and asked him to use his mind about adjudicating  matters,  as  his  opinion  is  same  as  opinion  of  the Imam  and his  obedience  is …